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19 Year Old Wins $12,000 for Political Rap!

posted 17 Jan 2011, 09:15 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 17 Jan 2011, 09:19 ]

Non-profit organization, Our Generation, hosts its first ever Online Video Ad Contest

ASHINGTONJan. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- 19 year old Elias Sims of Peoria, AZ won $12,000for his Rap Video supporting Term Limits.  Sims, who started a film company, Ch-Ch-Check It Productions, speaks to all ages while he brings the important issue of Term Limits into a 60 second, entertaining, informative and well done, Rap Music Video.Our Generation, a non-profit organization, hosted its first ever Online Video Ad Contest with the goals of raising awareness about the need for Term Limits, growing a community on its Facebook page, and getting individuals to sign a Petition to Congress in support of Term Limits. Sims took the top prize of $12,000 and Andy Nguyen, student at Columbia University in New York City, won an iPad for the most votes on Facebook for his claymation video.

Watch the videos here: