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2010 General Elections

posted 3 Oct 2010, 11:01 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 3 Oct 2010, 11:06 ]

Very few people in our country realize how much the 2010
elections could mean to our nation.   Part of the problem is
the education of the congress.  They all have BS degrees and
that does not mean Bachelor of Science.  It is pathetic to
hear the english language abused by those who are our
representatives and supposedly the higher educated.  It just
goes to show you that we the people have got to throw many of
those people out.  The english some speak is a crystal ball
to their knowledge, specifically about how the devaluation
of the dollar has raped the public more than the taxes.

It is no longer about the right vs the left or the
republicans vs the democrats.  It is about the haves vs the
have nots.  What is going to happen when some forked tongue
snake oil salesman goes to the poor and tells them he will
bring change.  When they represent the bottom 50% of earners
in the country and they are being told he is going to take
from the rich and give it to the poor, his job is 50% over
before the contest begins.  We can not survive as a nation
if the less educated are electing our leaders.  This is
especially true when many of the so called leaders are the
less educated themselves.

Naturally the poor and less educated do not like to hear
that.  Most of them are uneducated and really do not even
know how to understand that when you run your election based
on motivational unwords instead of facts and proof you are
going to over power those who are less educated.  That is
what happened in 2008 and look at the mess it has caused
today. You can not print 3 trillion new dollar bills that
are basically toilet paper, and not create a further 25%
devaluation of the dollar.  Unfortunately the less educated
do not understand that nor do they care.

Compound that with people like the movie stars who are the
exceptions to the haves vs the have nots.  They are rich but
 also have less education than the average joe and they do
not understand their qualifications are lacking when it
comes to the following arguments.

What I am talking about is the continual devaluation of the
dollar compounded by the ever increasing taxes.  The poor
get hurt more than they benefit every year but few of them
understand devaluation. They do not understand how it hurts
the poor more than anyone else. And the lack of education
has grown to such a point they do not understand the
difference between taxes and devaluation eating up they
earning power. I am talking about those that are the
representatives of the poor as well as the poor themselves.
The blind can not be lead by the blind.

Our dollar today, does not buy what a nickel bought 100
years ago. That is a devaluation nightmare. Most people do
not realize that it is the government that benefited. Their
pork barrel spending of what is the equivalent of spending
counterfeit money.  Only the crooks who spend it first win.
The government benefits the same way when they repay groups
like the unions of our country for helping voting them into
power.   Compound that with the fact that over the same
period of time income taxes have grown 50 times.  Yes, from
1% to 50% to most  of the people who create our jobs.  As
you can see the taxes are pathetic but the devaluation is
atrocious.  And the system is backwards.  It penalizes those
that create jobs the most.   Stand up and support theTparty.
They only want the average American to be 20% better off than
they are today.  And they want the poor to be 35% better off
than they are today. It can happen changing the tax laws and
the best part is that the government does not get any less.

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