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8.7 quake strikes off Indonesia, tsunami warning issued

posted 11 Apr 2012, 04:22 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 11 Apr 2012, 04:23 ]

An 8.7 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Indonesia, sending residents dashing out of buildings in fear, and prompting authorities to issue a tsunami watch for the whole Indian Ocean.

BANDA ACEH, ACEH PROVINCE, INDONESIA (APRIL 11, 2012) (METRO TV) - An 8.7 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia on Wednesday (April 11), sending residents around the region dashing out of their homes and offices in fear.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said a tsunami watch was in effect for the entire Indian Ocean and individual countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India, issued tsunami warnings.

The quake struck 308 miles (500 km) southwest of the city of Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of Indonesia's Sumatra island, at a depth of 20.5 miles (33 km), the U.S. Geological survey said.

Indonesia's disaster management agency said power was down in Aceh province and people were gathering on high ground as sirens warned of the danger.

The quake was in roughly in the same area as a December 26, 2004, quake of 9.1 magnitude, which sent huge tsunami waves crashing into Sumatra, where 170,000 people were killed, and across the Indian Ocean.