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A Colorado coonhound named Harbor sets world record for longest ears

posted 8 Sept 2011, 10:18 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 8 Sept 2011, 10:28 ]

Some dogs are known for their sense of smell.

Others for their unwavering job in protecting their human friends.

Harbor -- a coonhound from Colorado -- is known for, well, you can see what he's known for.

Hard to miss.

His floppy, super long ears.

Ears so long that with a good wind, you'd think he would take flight.

Well, the Guinness Book of World Records says that Harbor has the longest ears of any living dog.

Harbor's owner, Jennifer Wert saying

"I sometimes play with his ears to make kids or friends laugh. We put them up on his head like Princess Leia or I'll cover his face with an ear if he's napping."

Not sure if Harbor is self-conscious about his ears.

They're not even the same size.

One ear is 12 and a quarter inches - or 31 centimeters - and the other is 13 and a half inches - or 34 centimeters.

Harbor's owner, Jennifer Wert saying

"I've had a lot of people take photos of him, strangers from the street, have had garbage trucks pull over and the garbagemen get out of the seat and jump down and pet him because of his ears. I don't even see his ears anymore. Most days I forget how oddly long they are."

And here's one more bizarre fact that you may be dying to know about Harbor.

A coonhound's long ears aren't for hearing -- they're for smelling.

The long ears sweep up scents into Harbor's equally long snout.

Andrew Schmertz, Reuters.