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A single plant of potted Clivia has 26 blossoming umbels in China

posted 7 May 2011, 06:11 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 7 May 2011, 06:20 ]
Clivia with 26 Umbels -- A single plant of potted Clivia has 26 blossoming umbels in China

China Central Television - A potted Clivia has 26 pedicels all in blossom in a household at Rongcheng city of East China's Shandong Province.

The owner of the potted Clivia is Ms. Wang, who has cultivated it for 30 years.

According to Hu Zhesen, professor of Plant Physiology at Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, a single plant of Clivia usually has only one or two umbels. Therefore, many people regard it as a miracle for a single plant of potted Clivia to have 26 umbels.

"At beginning, it only had one umbel, and in the following year it had two umbels. In the third year, there were four umbels. It has grown more and more year after year," said Ms. Wang.

The potted Clivia is about one meter tall, with deep green leaves and vigorous growth. Wang said it was originally just a small plant. But over the years, it has grown into a large plant with 26 umbels, each umbel may have 20 flowers at least. Every flower is orange-red and upward, like a torch. Ms. Wang said that she has not made any extraordinary efforts to cultivate it, but it has grown vigorously year by year. She said the planting was easy, only the pots have changed several times.

"It does not need special fertilize now. I water it just with the water that has washed rice, or residues in a beer bottle mixed with water. Nothing special is in watering. Indeed, it is almost soilless cultivation, because all the pots have been exploded due to its large size," said Ms. Wang.

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