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Argentina Arrests 30 In Global Paedophile Crackdown

posted 13 Aug 2013, 12:38 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 13 Aug 2013, 12:38 ]


R Reports -  An impressive haul - Argentine police show off a hoard of material on Monday, the result of a recent operation to smash a child pornography ring.

Thirty Argentine nationals believed to have been involved in the international network were arrested in the crackdown.

The country's Interpol branch teamed up with authorities in Spain as well as regional neighbours to bust the group, which operated out of various provinces across Argentina.

Media reported a raid in the city of La Plata, where authorities seized 1,500 compact discs with pornographic material as well as video cameras and computer servers.

Some of the victims were believed to be as young as two years old.

The deputy commissioner for technological crime told reporters the material came from an international centre for child pornography that was distributed via direct and remote connection with Europe and Latin America

Authorities believe others in countries such as Costa RicaSpain and Uruguay are involved as well.

The raids were part of Argentina's efforts to stamp out the distribution of online child pornography.