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Australian town braces for sea surge

posted 24 Jan 2011, 07:50 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 24 Jan 2011, 10:04 ]
The Australian state of Victoria prepares for a 3,000-square kilometre sea surge, while cyclist Lance Armstrong raises funds for flood victims.

NORTH WEST VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA (JANUARY 24, 2011)  NETWORK TEN - Residents of Swan Hill in the Australian state of Victoria brace for a massive inland sea surge expected to hit in the next few days.

The 3,000 square kilometre surge will likely be tamed by the town's levee.

But authorities are taking no chances, warning townships nearby to be prepared.



"We have at least another week to ten days ahead of us where we will see communities that will still come under the threat."

Meanwhile cycling superstar Lance Armstrong is in Brisbane to raise money for flood victims after finishing his last international race, the Tour Down Under in Adelaide.


"You can be the person who wants to run a marathon, the person who wants to recover from a flood or the person that wants to lose 20 pounds. It's a way of life. Really this sort of gathering today really embodies what you just talked about and we're proud to represent a huge audience of people for whatever reason."

The fundraiser in the Queensland capital raised 125,000 Australian dollars for flood victims.

Damage from the flooding in Queensland alone is estimated at 10 billion dollars.

Jessica Gray, Reuters