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BA chief attacks US security demands

posted 27 Oct 2010, 06:44 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 27 Oct 2010, 06:47 ]
The chairman of British Airways, has criticised airport security checks, saying they are redundant and Britain should stop "kowtowing" to the U.S., reported the Financial Times.
UK-BA SECURITY - The chairman of British Airways has criticised airport security checks, calling them "completely redundant", reported the Financial Times.
The newspaper reported that Martin Broughton, who is also chairman of Liverpool Football Club and is seen here during the recent battle for ownership of the club, said Britain should stop "kowtowing" to U.S. demands for increased security.

Broughton reportedly told the annual conference of the UK Airport Operators Association that no one wanted weak security.

But he said security controls where passengers have to take off their shoes and have their laptops checked should be abandoned.

The Financial Times said Broughton's comments reflected wider passenger and airline industry frustration over the increase in security rules since the September 11th attacks in 2001.

No comment on Broughton's remarks was immediately available from British government or airport officials.

Joanna Partridge, Reuters