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Baby Admitted To Hospital After Reported Fox Attack In London

posted 10 Feb 2013, 11:57 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 10 Feb 2013, 11:57 ]

Police are investigating a reported fox attack on a one-month-old baby boy in London.

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK (FEBRUARY 10, 2013) (ITN) -  British police are investigating a reported fox attack on a one-month-old baby boy who was admitted to St Thomas's Hospital in London on Wednesday (February 6).

Local media reported the baby had his finger torn off by a fox after being dragged from his cot at home in Bromley, south east London.

Neighbours of the baby's family were concerned at the large number of foxes seen in their area.

A male neighbour said that he had seen around twenty five foxes on his way home late one night.

"Twenty to twenty five it could be, roughly congregating around, just in the street, just round the corner. I didn't know whether to pass them or not," he said.

Another female neighbour said she had experienced two incidents with foxes near her home.

"Once my daughter was washing her car and when she, what is it, came to come back in to get something from the house, she saw a fox just about to come in right and, what is it, she had to clap her hands and then it scarpered. But my son was upstairs too so you know. And another time I was like in my kitchen washing up and all of a sudden I felt like something was watching me. When I looked up at my husband's shed there was a big fox just lying there right and I went out there with a pot of water and then, what is it, threw and it scarpered," she said.

Surgeons were able to reattach the baby's finger and he was said to be recovering well.