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Baby Panda Bao Bao Makes Media Appearance Before Her Public Debut

posted 6 Jan 2014, 07:45 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 6 Jan 2014, 07:46 ]

Baby panda Bao Bao makes media appearance at the National Zoo ahead of her public debut .

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES (JANUARY 6, 2014) (NBC) - The baby panda Bao Bao made her first press appearance at the National Zooin Washington, D.C. on Monday (January 6) ahead of her public debut, which is scheduled for January 18.

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As cameras rolled, Bao Bao explored her indoor habitat with her mother Mei Xiang, climbing and at one point falling down.

The public has been able to watch the baby panda's movements for the past four months on the zoo's panda cameras, which can be viewed online.

The National Zoo said in a statement that the amount of time the public will be able to view Bao Bao with her mother will depend on the baby's behavior.