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Baby Survives Mother's Suicide Attempt

posted 14 Mar 2013, 15:07 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 14 Mar 2013, 15:08 ]

A woman holding a baby boy falls eight floors from a New York City apartment window to her death in an apparent suicide, but the baby survives.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORKUNITED STATES (MARCH 13, 2013) (NBC) -  Lights were on in the eight floor window of a Harlem apartment building on Wednesday (March 13) where a mother jumped out of her window while holding her baby in an attempt to commit suicide.

Neighbors of the woman were shocked by the news.

"What can you say. Can't believe it," said a man who lived in the building.

It is believed that the 45-year-old woman jumped out of her apartment window with her 10-month-old baby in her arms.

Witness Steve Dominguez described how he saw the baby fall when he was crossing the street at 1530 EDT (1930GMT).

"It like bounced off her chest and onto the floor but the baby was crying it was still alive."

A neighbor in the building reported to police that the mother and the baby's father had been arguing earlier in the day.

Law enforcement sources told NBC that surveillance video showed the father was not at home when the mother jumped out of the window.

The couple's neighbor Christian Johnson said the arguing did not seem out of place.

"Couples argue. People argue. Families argue. But there was no screaming, there was no beating, there was no banging. Just arguing."

The mother was pronounced dead on the scene. The baby was taken to Harlem Hospital where he is recovering.