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Boyband One Direction Stage World Movie Premiere In London Surrounded By Thousands Of Fans

posted 20 Aug 2013, 16:49 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 20 Aug 2013, 16:50 ]

Boyband One Direction are joined by thousands of fans at their movie's world premiere in London's leicester Square.

 LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (AUGUST 20, 2013) (REUTERS) -  London's Leicester Square was filled with the screams of young fans on Tuesday (August 20) as global boyband sensation One Direction launched their debut move "One Direction: This is Us."

Band members Zayn MalikNiall HoranHarry StylesLouis Tomlinson and Liam Payne whipped the crowd into a frenzy when they arrived dressed in black to the world premiere.

Over three thousand fans were held in the central garden of Leicester Squaresurrounded by black barricades to avoid crushing.

Although the band have been to premieres before, this is the first time they've taken the centre stage. When asked what they were feeling, Malik replied, "A mixture of a lot of things. Nerves, excitement, mainly just gratitude to our fans that have turned up and been so supportive and dedicated. Yeah, there's a lot of things going on."

Horan added "We've been to three premieres in three years so we don't really get to do the glam and all that stuff of the music industry as they say so this is one off. It's good, isn't it?"

The film follows the five young men from their beginnings on the reality TV show X-Factor to touring the world in front of thousands of obsessed fans.

Band member Harry Styles said of the movie "I think for us it's amazing that we have the opportunity that we have this part of our lives documented for us to watch kind of whenever we want because we'll probably buy the DVD that might come out so.... We're just very very lucky that all this has happened to us. Of course, none of this is possible without the fans behind us so this has been incredible. We're all very lucky boys."

The band split their time between the world's press at the premiere and their adoring fans - some of which became emotional at the whole experience.

Liam Payne commented "there's been a lot of grabbing today, a lot of grabbing..." while fellow band member Horan added "And we've been so busy on the carpet that we can't get to everyone, but if we could, we would."

The film is directed by "Super Size Me"'s Morgan Spurlock, who found the whole experience a little baffling.

"I'm still kind of calculating it, so I can't really quantify it in my head. It's difficult. I'm just going to drink it in all night long and just kind of keep reliving this in my brain," he said.

"One Direction: This is Us" goes on release in the UK on August 29th.