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Breivik judge photographed playing computer solitaire in court

posted 6 Jun 2012, 03:22 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 6 Jun 2012, 03:23 ]

Lay judge in Norwegian trial of far-right militant Anders Behring Breivik caught playing computer card game solitaire in court.

OSLO, NORWAY (JUNE 4, 2012) (NRK POOL) - A judge in the case of Anders Behring Breivik was caught on camera playing solitaire in court on Monday (June 4) during proceedings. One of the three lay judges, Lay Ernst Henning Eielsen, was photographed playing the card game while Mattias Gardell of Uppsala University in Sweden was testifying.

The media reported a court spokeswoman saying Eielsen's gaming activity did not mean he was not paying attention to the hearings.

Gardell, a professor in religious history, said Breivik's "bizarre delusions" were not unique to the defendant but common in the political environment he is a part of.

Two court-appointed psychiatric teams have examined Breivik and come to opposite conclusions about his mental health.

"One can conclude that with the help of the Internet, the most lonely warrior can feel he is a part of something bigger, a movement. That there are many out there who want the same thing and talk in the same way," the Swedish professor added.

In a 240-page report by experts Husby and Soerheim they diagnosed Breivik as a paranoid schizophrenic suffering from psychosis.

This was contradicted by a second team of experts. Psychiatrist Agnar Aspaas said he and a colleague had found "no evidence" of psychosis.

Breivik has said he should either be executed or acquitted, calling the prospect of a prison sentence "pathetic" and an insanity ruling "worse than death".