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British Airliner Clips Building With Wing While Taxiing

posted 23 Dec 2013, 05:09 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 23 Dec 2013, 05:10 ]

The wing of British Airways plane smashes into a building while taxiing at Johannesburg airport.

O.R. TAMBO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, GAUTENG, NEAR JOHANNESBURG,SOUTH AFRICA (DECEMBER 23, 2013) (SEAN DURKAN) A British Airways plane, due to fly to London, clipped an airport building with its wing while taxing, at Johannesburg Airport on Monday (December 23).

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Passengers on the plane reported the incident on Twitter and posted photographs that seem to show one of the plane's wings gouged into a brick building near the runway.

Local media reported that all passengers had been taken off the plane at O.R. Tambo airport and would spend the night in a hotel. It was not immediately clear whether anybody had been hurt in the accident.