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Busloads Of Syrians Evacuate Homs

posted 7 Feb 2014, 15:44 by Sam Mbale

R Reports -  Busloads of civilians living in the Syrian city of Homs are being evacauted, in what is the first stage of a three-day humanitarian ceasefire.

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The beseiged city has experienced some of the worst devastation in the nearly three year old civil war that has killed 130,000 people.

A dutch priest living in Homs is making an appeal for more help.


"The hunger slowly but surely eats away the body...Now, here we tried to grow some vegetables, because we have been without vegetables for almost one and half years."

U.N. peace talks two weeks ago yielded the first positive results between the warring sides in the conflict.

Perhaps that will calm the growling stomachs of those who are stuck in the crossfire.

But there's little sign that the ceasefire will resolve the fundamental grievances a civil war that has left Homs in ruins.