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Canadian Navy Seizes 506 Bags Of Heroin In The Arabian Sea

posted 21 Dec 2013, 06:22 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 21 Dec 2013, 06:22 ]

Crewmen aboard a Canadian frigate, the HMCS Toronto, boarded a ship in the Arabian Sea and seized 506 bags of heroin weighing 538 kilos (1,186 lbs.) and valued at approximately 100 million dollars (Canadian).

 AT SEA, SOMEWHERE IN THE ARABIAN SEA (DECEMBER 18, 2013) (CBC) -  The crew of a Canadian Navy warship has made one of the largest drug seizures in the Arabian Sea. As much as 538 kilos (1,186 lbs) stashed in 506 small bags were seized by the crew of the HMCS Toronto, a frigate which is part of the international fleet assigned to curb priracy in the region.

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"This marked the largest heroin seizure in the history of combined maritime operations," said General Tom Lawson, a Canadian Naval spokesman Friday (December 20).

The seizure occurred Wednesday (December 18) and video of the haul shows naval personnel taking the bags of heroin out of duffel bags, cataloging and weighing each one, and then tossing them overboard.

The same vessel seized 154 bags of heroin, weighing 180 kilos (396 lbs.) in October and and, separately, 500 kilos (1,100 lbs) in March.