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CCTV footage of an armed gang attack

posted 10 Dec 2010, 05:03 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 10 Dec 2010, 05:05 ]

Armed gang in Russia's Kemerovo region attacks local businessman at his house.

VILLAGE OF BOLSHAYA TALDA, KEMEROVO REGION, RUSSIA - In the wake of a recent violent attack on businessman's family in Russian southern Krasnodar region when 12 people had been killed, including four children, Russian Television aired a special report last Sunday (December 5) with explicit CCTV footage of another gang attack.

The footage shows the armed gang attacking a house of a businessman in Russia's eastern Kemerovo

region, setting his cars on fire, shooting his dog, and a gang member chasing the businessman's son with an axe.

Some Russian media reports claim the Kemerovo region attack last August has only come into the public domain after numerous arrests following the Krasnodar case, a large-scale investigation which has sparked public outcry.

The RTR special report claims Kemerovo businessman Vladimir Shalygin's house had been attacked by ten local gang members.

Shalygin himself described the attack: "There was such intense fire. They had an overwhelming advantage. I was backing off, firing back. But I was wounded one more time as they were shooting at me from two positions."

Shalygin said the attackers chased his son with and axe. His son was later hospitalised with numerous axe wounds.

Shalygin's neighbour pointed to bullet marks in her house and described the attack as "scary".

"It was very scary. Could you imagine, there was a puddle of blood right here," she said.

Both Vladimir Shalygin and his son Sergei survived the attack but spent months in hospital.