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Child rescued from deadly fall in China

posted 11 Jun 2012, 07:10 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 11 Jun 2012, 07:10 ]

A man in southern China risks his life to save a toddler from a deadly fall from a fourth-floor apartment. Sarah Sheffer reports.

CHINA-TODDLER RESCUE - Dangling by her head from a fourth-floor balcony, a four-year-old is saved from a deadly fall when this man risks his life to help her last week.

According to China's CCTV state media, 23-year-old Zhou Chong propped the toddler up with his hand for almost 10 minutes, standing on his toes until the girl was rescued on June 3.

It took a few days for local media and residents to track him down for an interview on Saturday.


"Because at that time, she might have been dangling up there for a few minutes already and a girl of three or four-years-old could not be that strong. At that time, she already had her head stuck in the railings and was already dangling there, so I thought that I could reach up with my hand and let her stand on it, as she would have more strength with her feet, so then she would not be in danger."

The rescuer had left the scene without speaking about the incident, CCTV said.

Sarah Sheffer, Reuters