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Children walk through a river to get to school

posted 17 Nov 2012, 10:18 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 17 Nov 2012, 10:18 ]

R Reports - Some kids take a bus to school... some get a ride from mom or dad.

But these kids wade through a waist high river every day to get to class.

They live in a remote village on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Everyday, they pack up their clothes, hold them high above their heads, and walk 25 meters across the swift moving Surantih river.

Once they're on other side, they unpack their clothes, carefully, meticulously and get dressed. Then they carrying on walking to school.

The journey is not without it's hazards... at least two children have died after being swept away by the fast moving waters.

Local government officials say money is being allocated to build a bridge by next year... but they've been saying that for the past 10.

For now, these kids will continue their journey walking through a river to get to and from school, making a major sacrifice in the name of education.