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China court considers Gu murder trial verdict

posted 9 Aug 2012, 13:15 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 9 Aug 2012, 13:15 ]

Gu Kailai, the wife of Chinese politician, Bo Xilai, has gone on trial for the murder of British businessman, Neil Heywood - the court adjourned after seven hours to decide its verdict.

CHINA-GU TRIAL - Gu Kailai is led into court in China's eastern city of Hefei.

She's facing, along with a family aide, a possible death sentence if convicted of the murder of British businessman, Neil Heywood.

The case has rocked China's government and destroyed the career of Gu's husband - an ambitious politician.

The court heard how Neil Heywood was allegedly poisoned in a hotel room last year after threatening to expose Gu's plans to shift large quantities of cash overseas.

She did not contest the charge and after seven hours, the court adjourned to deliberate their verdict.


"During the trial, Gu Kailai was in good shape and mentally stable.

Gu's trial is seen by many as part of a push against her husband, Bo Xilai, a populist politburo member.

He made powerful enemies campaigning to join the next generation of top central leaders - a once-in-a-decade process that's currently underway.

It's possible Gu could escape execution in reutrn for a lengthy jail term if the court believes her claim that Heywood made threats against her son.


"Gu's lawyer believes the victim's actions may have been a contributing factor, add the court official. Her judgement was impaired when she committed the crime and the court may take into consideration the fact that she exposed the others involved."

Bo is being detained for violating party discipline, while his wife awaits the court's verdict.

Joanne Nicholson, Reuters