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China's super rice sets world record with unit yield of 13,900 kg per hectare: Ministry of Agriculture

posted 19 Sept 2011, 04:08 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 19 Sept 2011, 04:13 ]

China-Super Rice -- China's super rice sets world record with unit yield of 13,900 kg per hectare: Ministry of Agriculture

CCTV BEIJING - A new strain of super rice cultivated by Yuan Longping, "father of hybrid rice," set a world record with a yield of 13,900 kilograms per hectare, announced an expert group of the Ministry of Agriculture at a press conference in Changsha, capital of Central China's Hunan Province on Monday afternoon.

Cheng Shihua, head of the expert group in charge of the test harvest of super rice in Hunan and director of the rice institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said the rice breed, DH2525 (Y two superior No 2), produced a harvest of 13,900 kg per hectare during its trial plantation in Longhui County of Hunan.

To ensure the accuracy of the yield, the experts from the Ministry of Agriculture randomly selected three plots out of the 7.2 hectares of experimental paddy fields and supervised the harvest on Sunday.

"The three separate plots selected from the experimental paddy field got in 13,517 kilograms, 14,073 kilograms and 14,108 kilograms per hectare respectively, averaging 13,900 kilograms per hectare," said Cheng Shihua.

DH2525 was developed by Yuan Longping and his colleagues. Yuan started developing hybrid rice in the 1960s. His research team reached the target unit yield of 10,500 kg per hectare and 12,000 kg per hectare in 1999 and 2005, respectively, setting world records both times.

"Rice is a staple food crop. Half of the world population lives on rice, while in China more than 60 percent of the people take rice as their staple food. Therefore it is of great significance to increase the rice production and guarantee the country's food security," said Yuan Longping at the press conference.

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