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Chinese water park stirs controversy

posted 11 Aug 2011, 15:19 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 11 Aug 2011, 15:24 ]
Happy Magic Water Park, which claims to be the largest water playground in the world, saves visitors from Beijing's sweltering summer but raises concerns about water waste in the booming capital.

  BEIJING, CHINA - As these visitors are taking refuge in the water from the mid-summer's blazing sun, concerns are raised over Beijing's newly opened Happy Magic Water Park.

The park that streches over 33 hectares with more than 50 slides, might use too much water in China's infamously dry capital.

Opened in last June, the water park has to store at least 8,000 tons of water for daily operations, which it refills with dozens of tons of tap water every day.

In a city that has suffered 12 consecutive years of drought, for some this type of water use is over use.

But the park's marketing manager Zhang Ke says that nothing is left to waste.

Happy Magic Water Park marketing manager Zhang Ke, saying (Mandarin)

"The equipment we imported can repeatedly recycle and reuse water from all facilities once the park is filled with water. Theoretically no water will be wasted. We also have a system to constantly purify recycled water. This won't cause any water waste either."

Some also say that the park uses too much electricity for its waterpumps to power its water slides.

Beijing resident Sun Hao shared these concerns.

 Beijing resident Sun Hao, saying

"I don't know if they are using recycled water or underground water. It's great if they can recycle and reuse water. However, if they consume a great amount of underground water resources just like golf courses do, 

I wouldn't approve of it. After all, we must have consideration for the next generation."

According to China's Xinhua news agency, Beijing's per capita water supply is less than 100 cubic meters, much lower than the international average of 1,000 cubic meters.

However, the Happy Magic Water Park is undeterred, with plans to launch an indoor water park next year.

Elly Park, Reuters.