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Chinese traffic jam grows to over 120 kilometres long

posted 2 Sept 2010, 03:01 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 2 Sept 2010, 04:06 ]

A traffic jam along a main Chinese highway clogs more than 120 kilometres of road in its third day, sending travelers rushing to buy train tickets.

INNER MONGOLIA, CHINA (ORIGINALLY 4:3) (SEPTEMBER 2, 2010) CCTV - A traffic jam along China's Beijing-Tibet highway grew to more than 120 kilometres (75 miles) long on Thursday (September 2), as the traffic jam extended into its third day.

The jam started near the Chinese capital on Tuesday (August 31), as traffic restrictions in Hebei province caused tailbacks along the highway, state television said. Many of the vehicles in the jam were coal lorries, it added.

Traffic build-ups have become a common occurrence on China's roads, just over one week ago the authorities finally managed to clear a 100 kilometre jam from the same road which had lasted for nine days.

Long traffic queues on the roads have been met with long queues at train station ticket offices, CCTV reported, as travelers fought for an alternative method of transport.