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Civil War ship washed ashore by Hurricane Isaac

posted 2 Sept 2012, 05:11 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 2 Sept 2012, 05:12 ]

Local residents find the wooden remains of a ship believed to be from the Civil War era, revealed by Hurricane Isaac after it pummelled the Alabama shore. Sarah Charlton reports.

USA-ISAAC/CIVIL WAR SHIP - The ghostly remains of a ship sit on a beach in Alabama.

Believed to be from the era of the Civil War, the remains washed ashore as Hurricane Isaac battered the coastline.

Strong winds and rain helped unearth the ship, revealing a historical find to residents venturing out after the storm.


"I am stoked that it is as well preserved as it is."


"It's just really incredible to see history laying here right here on Fort Morgan, on the beach."

Opinion differs as to what the ship could have been used for.

Some believe the boat was a blockade runner during the Civil War.

Others say it could have used to smuggle alcohol ashore during era of the Prohibition.