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Clashes Erupt Near Cairo's Tahrir Square

posted 5 Jul 2013, 16:12 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 5 Jul 2013, 16:13 ]

Following the ouster of Egypt's ex-President Mohamed Mursi, clashes erupt nearTahrir square.

CAIROEGYPT (JULY 5, 2013) (HANDOUT) -  Clashes erupt near Cairo's Tahrir Square following the ouster of ex-President Mohamed Mursi, as Muslim Brotherhood loyalists condemn the so-called 'military coup'.

Egypt's first freely elected president was toppled on Wednesday (July 3) in what his Islamist supporters are calling a military coup.

Protesters faced off against troops behind barricades. Tear gas was fired and protesters ran as shots rang out. One man could be seen lying in the middle of the street as protesters ran for cover. The injured man was then carried to the side of the road.

An army spokesman said troops did not open fire on the demonstrators and soldiers used only blank rounds and teargas to control the crowd. It was unclear whether security force units other than army troops were also present.

Many protesters had blood on their hands and faces. The covered body of one dead protester could be seen lying on the ground as one man crouching next to the body held up what appeared to be a bullet shell.

Before the demonstrations, a military source said the armed forces would allow people to demonstrate where they wanted.

As military helicopters circled overhead, protesters carried and helped a number of injured people away from the barracks.

Several dozen people have been killed in the last month of unrest, during which huge rallies in Cairo and other cities called for Mursi's resignation amid anger over economic stagnation and perceptions of a Muslim Brotherhood power grab.

His overthrow on Wednesday was greeted with wild scenes of celebration involving millions of people, but also infuriated his supporters who fear a return to the suppression of Islamists they endured under generations of military rule.