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Colorado man cuts off his own toes when his foot is pinned under a trailer

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:17 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 1 Sept 2011, 12:21 ]
A 61-year-old man amputates his own toes with a pocket knife when his foot becomes trapped under the trailer of a truck.

MONTROSE, COLORADO, UNITED STATES. SEPTEMBER 1, 2011) (NBC - A 61-year-old man amputated all the toes on his right foot after his foot became pinned under a heavy trailer.

Jon Hutt, a semi-retired logger, was standing on top of his truck and detaching the rear trailer, when his foot become trapped. He was alone in the woods, so no one heard his calls for help. After waiting about 30 minutes, Hutt feared he would die if he didn't act quickly to free his foot, so he decided to amputate his own toes.

"I figured that was my only way of getting out of that deal alive," said Hutt.

Hutt was able to reach for a small knife he was carrying in his pocket.

"I looked it over. I thought, well, you better cut this thing off," he said.

Using a sawing motion, Hutt severed one toe at a time, struggling not to pass out from the pain.

After freeing his foot, Hutt had to drive 25 miles before he had a sufficient cell phone signal to call an ambulance.

After his brush with death, Hutt was happy to be back home again with his wife, relaxing on their front porch.