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Cop And Worker Slashed By Armed Men

posted 19 May 2013, 06:02 by Sam Mbale

  Malaysia (Next Media)  A police constable and a restaurant worker were injured after they were assaulted by men armed with machetes and swords on Saturday after what is believed to stem from a personal argument.

Constable Mohd Nawi Che Megat, 46, received injuries to his head and back, while the restaurant worker, named Zai, in his 40s, was injured in the back and right leg.

The constable, his wife, son and four of his wife’s workers arrived at the Maybank branch in Labis, when a man riding a scooter and carrying a samurai sword tried to open the door.

A restaurant worker from the other car approached the man and tried to calm him down, but the man slashed at the workers back and right leg before escaping.

The constable and his group went to a nearby Labis police station to report the incident.

Around 30 minutes later, five men armed with swords and machetes arrived in two cars at the police station and began to assault the constable.

The constable was chased to the back of the police station and slashed in the head and back.

Two policemen inside the station closed the station’s gate and arrested the five men.

The constable and the restaurant worker were sent to a hospital for treatment.

SOURCES: New Straits Times