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Crashed drone can reach Iran

posted 29 Jan 2012, 12:25 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 29 Jan 2012, 12:25 ]

GEDERA, ISRAEL (JANUARY 29, 2012) (CH 2) - 
sraeli army said an unmanned aerial drone crashed on Sunday (January 29) in central Israel, no injures reported.

Israel's air force said that fleet of pilotless plane can fly as far as the Persian Gulf, putting Iran within its range.

It has a wingspan of 86 feet making it the size of Boeing 737 passenger jets and the largest unmanned aircraft in Israel's military. The plane can fly at least 20 consecutive hours and is primarily used for surveillance and carrying diverse payloads.

Israel has hinted at the possibility of a military strike against Iran if world pressure does not halt Tehran's nuclear program. Israel and the U.S. believe Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons; Iran says its program is for peaceful purposes.