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Cyclone Approaches Other Regions In Southeastern India

posted 12 Oct 2013, 11:50 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 12 Oct 2013, 11:51 ]

Director General of Indian Meteorology Department says cyclone Phailin is approaching Gopalpur beach of eastern state of Odisha and may remain severe for at least six hours.

NEW DELHI, INDIA (OCTOBER 12, 2013)  (ANI) -  Meteorologists in the observatories in India's southeastern coast have sighted and forecast cyclone Phailin approaching Gopalpur beach in state ofOdisha and that it may remain severe for at least six more hours.

Director General of Indian Meteorology Department, L S Rathore stated this in New Delhi on Saturday (October 12).

Rains and winds lashed India's east coast, forcing nearly five hundred thousand people to flee to storm shelters as one of the country's largest cyclones closed in, threatening to cut a wide swathe of devastation through farmland and fishing hamlets.

Commenting on these developments, Rathore said that the cyclone would strike Gopalpur region the most.

"Severe cyclone Phailin is coming near Gopalpur at the coastal region of Odisha. Currently the wind speed has been measured to be 200 kph, and it will take almost an hour to cross the coast," said Rathore.

Further he said that the cyclonic storm is being categorised under the severe class although the speed range would decline with the time.

He mentioned that it was packing winds of between 210 kph (130 mph) and 220 kph (137 mph).

"Even a very severe cyclonic storm has a wide window with the speed range, it is 120 to 220. so, though with the landfall the winds will start reducing, say if the peak wind may be even I presume 210 or 215, every hour there will be decline of 10 to 15 kilometres (per hour) or around that for six hours. So, may be, even so, till it remains 120, we definitely call it as very sever cyclonic storm," said Rathore.

He also said that the cyclone was expected to cause a 3 to 3.5 meter surge in sea levels while rainfall is expected to continue for next 48 hours.

"Till six hours, it will remain in the category of 'cyclonic storm' and after that it will be 'depression'. The rain will continue for next 24 hours, and approximately for 48 hours it will rain in the eastern India. Storm surge is being expected to be 3 to 3.5, as it was predicted before," said Rathore.

Authorities have warned of extensive damage to crops, village dwellings and old buildings, as well as disruption of power, water and rail services.