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Dam collapses post Typhoon, killing 11

posted 11 Aug 2012, 09:49 by Mpelembe Admin   [ updated 11 Aug 2012, 09:50 ]

A dam collapses, wiping out a village and killing 11 people, in the aftermath of Typhoon Haikui in eastern China.

Eleven people died after a dam collapsed, wiping out a village in the eastern province of Zhejiang in the early morning hours of Friday (August 10), China's state media reported.
Rescue operations ended on Saturday morning when workers uncovered the eleventh and final missing body one kilometre downstream from the Shenjiakeng Reservoir, state media said.

Many villagers were asleep when the dam collapsed, at 0500 local time on Friday (2200 GMT on Thursday August 9).

The incident at the province's Daishan County also injured 27 and affected 80 households, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday (August 11).

One unidentified villager, pointing at red flags that marked sites where houses used to stand, recalled his escape.

"From my house, I saw floodwater gushing down, so I ran. And right after I escaped from the flood, my house collapsed. There is nothing left," he said.

State television showed excavators cleaning up what remained of the village, while piles of emergency supplies lied on the ground.

Typhoon Haikui, which made a landfall at the province in the early hours of Wednesday (August 8), brought heavy rainfall to eastern China, killing at least another six people and triggering an evacuation of 2.17 million people, state media reported.