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Egypt 'Day Of Rage' Turns Violent, Protesters Killed

posted 16 Aug 2013, 09:44 by Mpelembe   [ updated 16 Aug 2013, 09:44 ]


Reuters Business  Report - Smoke billowed from the streets of Cairo as the firing of what appeared to be tear gas shots echoed from rooftops.

On what supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have called a "Day of Rage," clashes broke out once again in response to the military's deadly crackdown on the party.

Earlier this week, the military killed hundreds and injured thousands who were engaging in sit-ins to protest the removal of President Mohamed Mursi.

Witnesses have told Reuters that gunshot and birdshot have been fired in a central square in Cairo.

Dozens have reportedly been killed in the latest round of protests.

The polarized country is still reeling from Mursi's July 3rd removal.

The only break in violence has been for prayer.

Worshippers condemned the violence and vowed to continue protesting until the military rule is brought down.

unidentified Muslim brotherhood supporter:

"We have never used violence. And we will not be silent over our rights ever. We are not brotherhood and we don't belong to any group. We are here because of our brothers who have died. We want to bring them justice."

A curfew and state of emergency are still in effect.

The state has given the military power to use live ammo to protect government and security buildings from protesters.