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Egypt Prepares To Release Mubarak From Jail

posted 22 Aug 2013, 04:13 by Mpelembe   [ updated 22 Aug 2013, 04:14 ]


NVO - Cairo's Tora prison, the facility where ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been detained since receiving a life sentence last year for failing to protect protesters during the 2011 uprising.

Earlier this week, a judge ordered his release following a decision in a corruption case that saw Mubarak pay back millions in bribes and gifts.

The 85-year-old could be freed as early as Thursday while he waits for his appeal against his life sentence to go ahead.

The news of Mubarak's release has reverberated around Egypt, which is already deeply divided in the face of a systematic military crackdown on the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group.

They are calling for the return of toppled President Mohamed Mursi.

In Cairo, some residents seemed pleased with Mubarak's impending release.

This man said the country's focus must return to stamping out the Brotherhood.

Others, like this man, said the court's decision must be respected.

Mubarak ruled Egypt with an iron fist for over 30 years before being overthrown during the popular uprising.

The prime minister's office said Mubarak will be placed under house arrest. He will not be allowed to leave Egypt and his assets remain frozen.