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Ex-NBA Stars Defiant On N Korea

posted 10 Jan 2014, 07:50 by Mpelembe   [ updated 10 Jan 2014, 07:50 ]

R Reports -  Former NBA stars arrive back in China unrepentant about their basketball trip to North Korea.

They joined Dennis Rodman to play a controversial game attended by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his wife.

Rodman calls himself a friend of Kim.

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Fellow ex-NBA player Charles Smith says there are no regrets about the visit.


"On behalf of all the players who went on the trip it's probably best to say that we set out on a mission to use basketball as a bridge for cultural exchange and we accomplished that mission. we attended, we were in North Korea with tourists, with other Americans, and our documentary film crew, and all of us agreed that the trip was just simply incredible."

The players' visit came the month after Kim's uncle was executed in one of North Korea's biggest and most public purges.