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Fierce clashes in Alexandria

posted 29 Jan 2011, 17:45 by Mpelembe   [ updated 29 Jan 2011, 17:46 ]
Egyptian troops struggled to regain control of the streets of Alexandria as thousands of protesters defied a government-imposed curfew. Jon Decker reports.
EGYPT-ALEXANDRIA CLASHES - In the Mediterranean city of Alexandria, thousands of protesters continued to surge back onto the streets on Saturday, defying a government-imposed curfew.

Police fired teargas and live ammunition at them, but they regrouped in many places throughout the city.

Crowds gathered around injured protesters who were struck down by police bullets.

According to a Reuters tally, at least 54 people were killed on Friday throughout Egypt, when protesters fought running battles with police firing rubber bullets, teargas and water cannons.

President Mubarak ordered troops and tanks into Alexandria and other cities in an attempt to quell protests that have shaken the Arab world's most populous nation to the core.

Jon Decker, Reuters.