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Film Exposes Human Rights Violations

posted 15 Feb 2014, 06:28 by Mpelembe   [ updated 15 Feb 2014, 06:29 ]


NVO - A new film by a South Korean director hopes to refocus attention on human rights violations inNorth Korean prison camps.

The Apostle tells the story of an underground Christian church in North Korea and is based on the stories of defectors.

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Film maker Kim Jin-moo said the media have a duty to bring the issue back into the spotlight.


"This problem must be discussed publicly. It's been already discussed publicly and become an issue. However, South Korean people don't pay much attention to the issue. That's what the media should work on."

The film was made ahead of the release of a report by the United Nations Human Rights Councilinvestigating atrocities at North Korean prison camps

More than 200,000 people are believed to be held in the camps. Defectors tell stories of torture, starvation and other "unspeakable atrocities" comparable with Nazi abuses.

Prison survivors like Shin Dong-Hyuk, who was responsible for his mother's and his brother's execution while imprisoned, said he hopes the report brings change.

Personally this is my last remaining hope, he said. Even if there is little change, I am betting everything I have.

The U.N report is set to be released Monday.