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Fin flings phone to new record

posted 20 Aug 2012, 13:11 by Mpelembe   [ updated 20 Aug 2012, 13:12 ]

A Finnish teenager wins a mobile phone throwing contest by hurling his old Nokia phone 101 meters. Elly Park reports.

SAVONLINNA, FINLAND  (REUTERS) - Part wannabe Olympians, and part venting their frustration - the annual phone throwing championship had phone-flinging enthusiasts flock to Savonlinna in Finland.

Contestants came as far as from India, and this man admits that throwing a mobile device is much more fun than using it.

Journalist asking 

"It seems that you don't really throw the phones in India, do you?

A Competitor from India, saying

"We don't, we probably use it."

Journalist asking

"But you are still here why?"

A Competitor from India, saying

"Well, yes I am having fun, it is really great."

The competition that started here 12 years ago is now held in numerous countries - but Fins still take the cake.

Watch how Ere Karjalainen throws his Nokia to a record 101 metres, or 330 feet.

The second place went to Jeremy Gallop from South Africa who had a 95 meter throw.

Though a bit silly, the game is held to raise green awareness and the phones all end up at the recycle bin.