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Firefighters Catch Chinese Man Mid-Air As He Attempts Suicide

posted 12 May 2013, 03:45 by Mpelembe

Firefighters successfully rescue a man in mid-air after he attempts suicide by jumping through a stairwell in a residential building, state media reports.

FANGCHENGGANG CITY, GUANGXI ZHUANG AUTONOMOUS REGION, CHINA(MAY 10, 2013) (CCTV) - A man who is reported to be a drug-addict was rescued by firefighters on Friday (May 10) after he tried to kill himself by jumping into a stairwell in a residential building in China's southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, state media reported on Sunday (May 12).

The man climbed onto a beam over a stairwell inside a residential building on Friday morning after his family asked him to go to a drug rehabilitation center,China's state television CCTV reported.

He was agitated and crouched on a high beam with a knife tucked into the top of his trousers when local firefighters arrived, CCTV said.

CCTV showed footage of firefighters preparing protective equipment on the bottom of the stairwell.

Firefighters put a ladder across the stairwell to catch the man if he were to have jumped. Seconds later, the man leapt off the beam, but missed the ladder, and fell into the arms of firefighters who caught him mid-air CCTV showed.

After removing the knife in his pants, the man was carried out of the building into a vehicle.

The man was then sent to hospital for medical examination, CCTV said.

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