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Gunman opens fire near Texas A&M University; 3 dead including shooter

posted 13 Aug 2012, 14:21 by Mpelembe   [ updated 13 Aug 2012, 14:22 ]

Three people are killed, including the gunman, in a shooting in College Station, Texas, near Texas A&M University.

Three people were killed -- a police officer, a civilian and the suspected shooter -- after a gunman opened fire on Monday (August 13) near Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, police said.
Officer Jon Agnew, a spokesman for the police department in the neighboring city of Bryan, said officers had been injured, but could not specify how many.

Police said the suspect was the only gunman but that officials were searching the neighborhood to be sure.

The extent of victims' injuries was not clear. On the police scanner, a dispatcher told officers, "We have two officers down that we know of and one female that's been shot in her vehicle."

The university issued a "code maroon" shortly after noon, warning students and employees that an "active shooter" was in the area west of campus and asking them to stay away.

The gunman fired from inside a home about two blocks from the campus, according to the university's alert.