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Heavy fighting between government, M23 rebels brings disaster to DR Congo residents

posted 27 Nov 2012, 04:57 by Mpelembe   [ updated 27 Nov 2012, 04:58 ]

 DR Congo-Rebels -- Heavy fighting between government, M23 rebels brings disaster to DR Congo residents

China Central Television (CCTV) - Heavy fighting between government forces and the M23 rebels has negatively impacted the people of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

It has been a week since Goma, the capital of North Kivu Province, and the nearby town of Sake in the east of the central African country fell to the rebels.

Outside the town of Sake some 20 kilometers from Goma, many people with their belongings are leaving the town. However, some other people are also seen returning.

"Fleeing Sake and returning to Sake are the same because there is no where else to go. Wherever we've fled to, there is hunger and the situation is difficult," local resident Regina Mukombo said.

Driven by hunger, many would rather return to their homes, uncertain of the future but at least there is food in their farms.

Most of the population in Sake has fled, leaving homes empty and businesses shut.

Empty bullet casings and rocket shells littered the road leading to Keroche, where a general hospital is serving Sake and the surrounding areas.

Most of the beds in the hospital are empty due to a lack of medication. In addition, there is no food and water.

Patients at the hospital suffer from various elements and gunshot wounds as a result of the violence in the last few days.

"I was coming from Sake when I was shot in the leg," said Jean Pierre Malembe, a patient at the hospital.

"The biggest problem we have is a lack of medication. We have used up everything since the fighting began. As for the few patients we get, we treat them with what we can for free," said Jonathan Kibala, administrator of the Keroche General Hospital.

Outside some semblance of normality is evident. The market is empty, but perishables are back on sale.

Residents said as the rebel passed through the town, they shot at everything, even poultry was not spared.

"They were stealing, shooting our animals with guns," resident Anastasia Lugerosaid.

Her only hope is for food and peace.

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