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Heavy snow and ice cause traffic chaos throughout Germany

posted 18 Dec 2010, 06:37 by Mpelembe   [ updated 18 Dec 2010, 06:38 ]

Extreme wintry weather causes road accidents and leads to flight cancellations in Germany.

ZIESAR, GERMANY (DECEMBER 18, 2010) TV NEWS KONTOR - Heavy snow and sub zero temperatures continued to cause traffic chaos across Germany on Saturday (December 18) with hundreds of flights being cancelled across the country and traffic jams building up on motorways.

In the eastern state of Brandenburg several trucks skidded off the roads overnight. Cars were stuck in queues, unable to move quickly due to ice.

In the country's busiest airport, Frankfurt, hundreds of passengers were left stranded after 200 flights were cancelled. According to a spokesperson for the airport, the cancellations were not all down to poor weather in Germany, but also snow storms at other European airports.

Passengers said they were angry at the lack of organisation.

"I wanted to travel to China and I stood here last night. They said that all Interconti flights were going back we had to stand in the same queue as the people whose flights had been cancelled. So when we got to the front, they told us that our plane was already on the runway. I think the organisation is, and I'm sorry to say this, is shit," said Ursula Rohmeier.

Some 500 flights had already been cancelled in Frankfurt on Friday (December 17).