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Helpless Americans begging to survive Christmas

posted 25 Dec 2012, 05:26 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Dec 2012, 05:27 ]

Helpless Americans begging to survive Christmas

China Central Television (CCTV) - The helpless are still begging on Christmas Eve to survive the holiday season in BostonUnited States.

The temperature in Boston was close to zero on Monday, and people rushed home to get reunion with family members. However, in downtown Boston, some people were still seen begging.

One Santa, who was unwilling to give his name, was not distributing gifts along the road. Instead, he begged just to survive the chilling winter. According to the Santa, he dressed like this to attract more attention.

"USA is in a bad way. All I know is it started to going down hill. We have financial collapse about five years ago," said the Santa.

The Santa was 59 years old, and was handicapped in the leg. According to the Santa, he was out of job for many years, and had just managed to live on the government subsidies.

"John Boehner, the speaker of the House, kept threatening to cut [welfare of] the poor, to cut the poor, why not go off to the billionaires, millionaires?" complained the Santa.

Not far from him, a woman was also seen begging.

Janice, the one asking help from the passers-by, only got 12 dollars from 06:30 to 17:00, and she expected to get more during the rush hour.

Janice, 40 years old, owned a diploma in IT, and was sacked two years ago. Since then, she could not land a stable job.

"It's very difficult right now. It is. I guess it's nationwide as well. I mean, because I was thinking of going to Florida, and they said it's same in Florida, same situation in Florida. Everybody is having a hard time to find a job," said Janice.

Could not afford a house, Janice had to live temporarily in her relatives or friends' home. Without any source of income, she did not buy her anything, even a new glove.

"Sometimes I got stuck on the street. I'm now waiting for low income housing, and that's a very long list for low income housing. It's very long, three to five years. Wait, very long time," said Janice.

Despite it was getting dark, the Santa and Janice had no intention of leaving, and kept begging....

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