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Hero Dog Homeward Bound

posted 8 Jun 2013, 08:29 by Mpelembe   [ updated 8 Jun 2013, 08:30 ]


R Reports -  It was a celebrity's welcome as Kabang the wonder dog returned to her home in thePhilippines on Saturday to a slew of reporters and cameras.

The two year old shepherd mix had been in the U.S. for treatment after her snout was ripped off in a traffic accident.

Here's what happened.

The daughter of Kebang's owner, a nine year old girl, along with her three year old cousin, were crossing a busy street in southern Philippines. They were about to get hit by a speeding motorcycle when Kebang jumped in front of it. She saved the girls lives, but nearly sacrificed her own. Her upper snout and jaw were completely torn off.

But the story of her heroism gained international attention. Thousands of supporters from around the world sent in money for her to receive reconstructive surgery at theUniversity of California, Davis in the U.S.

During a five hour procedure, doctors closed her facial wound and reconstructed her nasal openings. They also treated her for heartworms and cancer.

Now fully recovered, doctors say she can eat, bark, and smell... all as a normal dog would. Plus, she's cancer free.

Back home in the Philippines, Kabang's vet says she's being groomed become a goodwill canine ambassador for responsible pet ownership. She'll be reunited with her family later this weekend.

Tail wagging, and with a few wet kisses for her vet, Kabang shows she truly is man-kind's best friend.