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'Hero' Nurse Jumps On Rail Tracks To Rescue Man

posted 9 May 2013, 07:50 by Mpelembe   [ updated 9 May 2013, 07:53 ]

A trainee nurse has been hailed a hero in Australia after she jumped onto the track to rescue a man who fell off the platform in Brisbane on Thursday, (May 9).

BRISBANEAUSTRALIA (MAY 09, 2013) (QUEENSLAND RAIL HANDOUT) - A trainee nurse has been hailed a hero for rescuing a man who fell onto the railway tracks at a Brisbane station on Thursday (May 09) morning according to local media.

CCTV shows the 56 year old man stumbling off the platform onto the track followed not long afterwards by the nurse, who's name is not known.

"We were all just yelling 'get off the tracks, get off the tracks," said Queensland Rail employee, Jill Lyten.

"I knew that I had to just get the number and get to control and stop the trains," she said.

Queensland Rail said the quick-thinking staff member's call to the control centre stopped all trains on the line.

"I knew how dangerous it is on the tracks and you've got a lot of voltage going through the wires above," Lyten said.

With the help of other passengers the trainee nurse managed to get the man off the line and back onto the platform before heading off to college.

"I know that she would have been shaken, very shaken. You can't not be shaken when you've jumped down on tracks to save someone," Lyten said.

Queensland Rail released CCTV of the event to urge commuter safety and highlight the emergency buttons on the platform local media said.

"If there was a train coming when this poor gentleman fell off the platform onto the tracks it could've been, it could've been disastrous," said Queensland Rails CEOJim Benstead.

Local media said there were 400 near misses on Queensland railway tracks last year.