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Highway robbery in Barcelona

posted 26 Aug 2011, 05:43 by Mpelembe   [ updated 26 Aug 2011, 05:45 ]

Spanish police warn foreigners against robbers on a Barcelona highway.


Motorists driving on a major highway in Spain's Barcelona have been the victims of a spate of robberies.

The robbers' modus operandi is simple: they pick out a foreign license plate and drive next to it. The robbers then throw a stone at the car, forcing it to pull over.

One of the robbers gets off and walks over to the other car where the worried driver is checking for damages.

As this is going on, a second robber gets into the foreigner's car and grabs whatever he cans. He makes a dash for the waiting car which is fitted with a fake license plate, his accomplice abandons the helpless foreigners and they speed off, leaving their victims on the side of the road.

Catalonian police said they have arrested 11 people responsible for an estimated 90 robberies. They urge foreign drivers to be more careful.

"Spanish people are well informed, we know what these people do and we don't stop. That's why they choose people from abroad," said deputy police inspector Sergi Martinez.

"They must ignore these signals. If they have to stop because they really think their vehicle is damaged, they have to do it in an area under surveillance," he added.

Police said the robbers have taken an estimated 866,000 USD (600,00 euros) worth of goods.