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Investigators: Boston Bombings Suspect Identified

posted 18 Apr 2013, 06:05 by Mpelembe   [ updated 18 Apr 2013, 06:06 ]

 USA-Boston Blasts/Investigation -- Investigators: Boston bombings suspect identified

 China Central Television (CCTV) - U.S. investigators believe that they have identified a suspect for the Bostonbombings, which killed three and injured over 170.

"Substantial progress" has been made in the investigation into Monday's bombings near the Boston Marathon finish line, they said Wednesday.

The investigators also said that video provided by a local store and a TV station has helped the investigation.

According to the investigators, the suspect's motives and those behind the bombings remain unknown.

On Wednesday, over 20 investigators, with several patrol dogs were sent to the street near the blasts for the second time inspection.

But the investigators have not disclosed any new clues.

Police said that the blast site will be blocked off for several days.

A briefing on the investigation progress, planned by FBI for later Wednesday afternoon, was canceled at 20:00 after having been delayed for several times.

According to local media, the police canceled the briefing to reduce the possibility that the suspect could learn police's actions as the arrest operations had reached a critical point.

Many resident came to the street near the blast site to mourn the victims.

The U.S. authorities have called the bombings an "act of terror".

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