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Merkel Doubtful Of International Joint Resolution On Syria

posted 3 Sep 2013, 05:53 by Mpelembe   [ updated 3 Sep 2013, 05:54 ]

German chancellor says at a session of the German parliament, that a joint international resolution on Syria is "not very likely."

 BERLINGERMANY (SEPTEMBER 3, 2013) (REUTERS) -  German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday (September 3) that a united international reaction on an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, was unlikely.

Speaking during a session at the German Parliament, the chancellor reiterated Germany's stark stance against Western military action in Syria, adding that during the upcoming G20 in St Petersburg, efforts would be made to find a common position on the crisis.

"We reiterate that Germany will not participate in a military action against Syria. But we add that we will do everything possible in order to achieve a joint international response. It is - and I have to say that - not very likely but we will use even the smallest chance. And so we are in constant talks with all our partners, with Russia. And hence we will use the G20 summit in order to do everything conceivable to reach a joint position of the international community," Merkel said.

On Saturday (August 31), Merkel criticised, in a newspaper interview, China and Russia for thwarting UN steps and for failing to cooperate with the West in ending the Syrian crisis.

Meanwhile Russia criticised the United states on Tuesday for sending warships close to Syria, saying the deployments would exacerbate tension as Washington prepares for a possible military strike.

Russia, one of the Syrian government's main arms suppliers, opposes military intervention over an alleged chemical weapons attack in SyriaMoscow is also sending new warships to theMediterranean but says it is just rotating ships in the area.