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Mexico okays cheating

posted 25 Mar 2011, 17:15 by Mpelembe   [ updated 25 Mar 2011, 17:17 ]

In a nearly unanimous decision, Mexico's senate votes to decriminalize adultery which was previously punishable by up to two years in prison.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO (MARCH 25, 2011) REUTERS - Mexico's Congress voted on Friday (March 25) to pull adultery from the list of criminal offenses, saying the law as it existed was not being enforced.

With 69 votes in favor and one abstention, the vote passed almost unanimously, with lawmakers citing the fact no one had been charged for adultery since 2004.

Mexican senator Pablo Gomez called the vote a victory for women.

"Congratulations to the Mexican Congress on a move that restores freedom, the dignity of women [and] repeals the crime that was built against them. Thank you very much," Gomez said.

Senators said the law was obsolete and outdated on top of being "unworkable."

Mexico City resident Maria Elena Nogueron told Reuters she agreed with the repeal.

"It's great that they have decriminalized it, more than anything because, these days, who doesn't commit adultery? I think everybody has lived through adultery; sooner or later it comes about. What can I tell you?" Nogueron said.

States may still able to fine adulterers for offenses, but legislators said the law was difficult to prove.

"Infidelity is a characteristic of our society. Fidelity is the exception. In my point of view, the norm is infidelity, that is to say adultery. So the fact that adultery has been decriminalized at a federal level, they have done well, as if it won't exist," said lawyer Ernesto Medina Robles.

The scrapped law said adultery could be punished by two years in prison.