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Michelle Obama dances with disadvantaged children in Mumbai, urges them to study hard

posted 6 Nov 2010, 09:00 by Sam Mbale   [ updated 6 Nov 2010, 09:03 ]

US First Lady Michelle Obama dances with underprivileged children at Mumbai University and urged them to study hard to realize their dreams.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA (NOVEMBER 06, 2010) ANI - Michelle Obama, the first lady of the United States, played hopscotch and danced with the disadvantaged children at a University in India's western Mumbai city on Saturday (November 06), urging them to study hard.

She was participating in an academic support programme at the University of Mumbai, organised by 'Making a Difference', an NGO.

Interacting with children Michelle Obama encouraged the children to study hard and be successful.

"If you keep working hard, education is all that you need to be whatever you want to be. That's it. I didn't grow up with a lot of money. I mean, I had two parents, I was lucky to have two parents and they always had a job. We didn't have a lot of money, but it was because of working hard and studying and learning how to write and read and then I got a chance to go to college, and then college opened up the world to me. I started seeing all these things that I could be or do and I never even imagined being the first lady of the United States," said Michelle Obama.

The first lady wore an olive blouse and delicate flowered skirt, while the girls wore their salwar kameez - traditional long shirts and baggy trousers - and dupatta.

Michelle Obama played tambourine and the children played the drums, sung songs and danced on a Bollywood song.

Obama also met the young volunteers of the NGO, who are mostly college students, at the University.

'Making a Difference' is an NGO, which basically aims at enhancing the employability of orphan children and reducing the school dropout rate.