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DNA evidence clears Texas man after 30 years in prison
DNA Ties Dead Suspect To "Boston Strangler" Case
Doctor Found Guilty Of Murder In Philadelphia Abortion Trial
Doctor optimistic about Giffords' recovery
Doctors cut out parasitic twin from young boy in Peru
Documentary examines sexual assault in U.S. military
Documentary On Egyptian Uprising Set To Air On Netflix
Dog Helps Missing 3-Year Survive Cold Frosty Night
Dog rescued after three weeks at sea following Japan tsunami
Domestic brands spring up in smart-phone market
Dominican Police Say Women Paid To Falsely Accuse U.S. Senator
Dominique Strauss-Kahn lawyer says difficult to determine difference between naked women and prostitutes
Don't wait for pigs to them dive!
Dotcom in court to get prosecuters to reveal their evidence
Douglas Kennedy charged in hospital tussle
Dozens arrested as looters cash in on riot disorder
Dozens celebrate outside the White House after rebels sweep into Tripoli
Dozens hurt in U.S. tent collapse
Dozens Of Greenpeace Activists Released In Russia
Dozens of vehicles crash across southwestern Ohio amid scattered snowfall
Dozens Wounded In Tanzanian Church Blast
Dramatic Boat Race ends with Cambridge victory
Dramatic Fire On Tarmac Sends Passengers Running From Airplane
DR Congo rape victims tell of horrific ordeals
DR Congo Signs Peace Deal With M23 Rebels
DR Congo's Kabila calls for calm as rebels claim control of Goma
Dreamliner in Japan involved in two more incidents
Dreamliner makes emergency at airport in western Japan
Dreamliner Test Flight Success
Driver gives his life to save 24 passengers
Driver plunges car into Piraeus port
Driver rescued from cliff edge peril
Drones Aid Wildlife Conservation And Fight Poaching
Drought-Stricken Panama Orders Power Rationing, Closes Schools
Drought threatens British farmers
Drug-ravaged Latin American states denounce growing violence against media
Drug-related killings rattle Mexico's richest city
Drug songs banned in Mexico
Drug war fuels Mexico City growth
Drum Parade For Murdered Soldier Lee Rigby As His Body Is Driven To Church Ahead Of Funeral
Drunk Driver Posts YouTube Confession Saying He "Hit And Killed" A Man
Dubai Court Jails Britons For Four Years On Drug Charges
Dubai embraces joy of Olympics by holding celebrations
Dubai Prepares To Stage Record Fireworks Display
Dubai skyscraper in flames
Dutch Artist Marks Dalai Lama's Birthday
Dutch Company Aims To Make Life On Mars A Reality
Dutch Company Aims To Make Life On Mars A Reality
Dutch court upholds ban on tourist trade in cannabis
Dutch King Willem-Alexander Succeeds Mother Beatrix
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