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European parliament president says Cameron must not take Europe hostage
Europeans Fill Jobs Void In Chile's Thriving Economy
European shares under heavy pressure from Greek electoral deadlock
Europe hit by snow and extreme cold
Europe looks to China for investment
Europe must take Latin America's medicine - Colombian president says
Europe prepares for historic strikes
Europe's first free public transport city
Europe's first privately owned high-speed train welcomes passengers
Euro zone deterioration to halt - analyst
Euro zone pact fails to restore confidence
EU says suspending Libya framework agreement
EU's Barroso urges Argentina to uphold international agreements on business protection
EU tar sands fight not over, experts at stalemate
EU to pay for new Chernobyl shell
EU Warns Britain Freedom Of Movement Is 'Not Negotiable'
Evangelist admits world end error
Eva Rausing Found Dead
Evening Standard owner says may be jailed in Russia for seven years
Everest rubbish reaches new heights in art
Ex-Argentine economy minister convicted over money in bathroom
Ex-British PM challenges Murdoch for misleading ethics inquiry
Excessive Sand Harvesting In Nigeria Raises Concern
Exchange student killed after boyfriend watches attack on webcam
Ex-CIA Man Says Exposed U.S. Spy Scheme To Protect World
Ex-CIA Officer Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison In Leaks Case
Ex-Cleveland Captive Michelle Knight Discharged From Hospital
Executions up in 2011 - Amnesty
Exiled Tibetans Celebrate Christmas In Dharamsala, Pray For Free Tibet
Ex IMF head Strauss-Kahn wants to help solve euro zone crisis
Ex-IRA man McGuinness, Queen to meet for first time
Exit polls show conservatives and leftists a breath apart
Ex-Murdoch lobbyist says no backchannel with UK government over media bid
Ex-NBA Stars Defiant On N Korea
Ex-Nightclub Dancer Ruby Stages Protest Outside Milan Court
Ex-oil man expected to be next Anglican leader
Expect Further Nigeria Violence, Warns Analyst, After Suspected Boko Haram Assault
Expelled ANC Youth League leader attacks President Zuma
Experts believe US Congress can reach deal to avoid fiscal cliff
Experts In Africa Urge Harder Bargains With China
Experts Say Drug Use On The Rise In Egypt
Experts Weigh in on Questions of Race in Cuba
Explanation of the concept of “natural capital accounting” in the run-up to the Rio+20 summit
Explosion at nuclear plant in Japan
Explosion In Central Prague Injures At Least 40
Explosions rock Gaza shortly after Tel Aviv bus blast
Explosive parcels intercepted
Expulsion From Parliament Is "Bitter Day Of Mourning" - Berlusconi
Ex-'Survivor' producer accused of murder appears in Mexican court
Extradited British citizens plead not guilty in terrorism charges
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